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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision


East Prescot Road Nursery School will be the beating heart of the community we serve: a place of encounter, discovery, love, growth and transformation, where everyone belongs and everyone thrives.


We seek to unlock the full potential of every child through irresistible learning, rich experiences and high-quality interactions.


We strive to become an innovative, inclusive and collaborative community of learners, promoting the wellbeing, involvement and growth of all, working in close partnership with families.


We commit ourselves to doing our very best in our common pursuit of excellence and enjoyment in early years education:

every experience

 every child

 every moment

Our Values


As we play, learn and grow together, we will endeavour to live and act by our shared values of friendship and trust.


Fairness           Everyone is equally important.

Respect           We show consideration towards others

Integrity          We do what is right, not what is convenient

Empathy          We learn to understand others’ feelings

Nurture           We protect and encourage others to grow

Dignity            Our wishes and choice are respected

Sincerity          We are true to who we are

Honesty          We speak the truth

Inclusion         Everyone is involved; nobody is excluded

Partnership     We work as a community


Tolerance         We work through our differences

Responsibility   We take ownership for our choices

Understanding  We are forgiving and sympathetic

Safety               Safeguarding is our highest priority

Transparency    We are open and accountable

Our Mission


Roots to Grow Wings to Fly


In partnership with our children, families and community, we commit ourselves to the following mission:


I. To support every child to develop their independence and autonomy


II. To give every child a positive self-image


III. To provide equal access to our rich and engaging curriculum


IV. To respect every child as an individual, who determines and instigates their own learning


V. To enable every child to learn and grow in order to realise their full potential: physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually


VI. To develop our children’s understanding of gender, need, ability, race, religion and culture in a positive way that is underpinned by our common British Values


VII. To work together with our families in the spirit of mutual respect


VIII. To provide every child with the skills to articulate their needs, interests and rights


IX. To equip every child with the dispositions and attitudes for lifelong learning.


Together, may we give all of our children the roots to grow and wings to fly









All children have the right to a happy childhood in an environment that inspires them to play, explore and communicate.

We want our children to be highly motivated learners who respond positively to challenges with perseverance, determination and resilience.

We aim for our children to be confident and independent, to believe in themselves and interact positively with each other.

Our children will learn to communicate well by expressing their own thoughts and ideas and listening to the thoughts and opinions of others.

Our school environment is adaptable to reflect the children's interests and progression.

The organisation of the environment, both indoors and outdoors, will always reflect our school's values and contribute to the learning experience.

Children will have the opportunity to create their own environments and feel pride in their achievements.

Resources are organised in such as way as to promote independent learning.

It is important that the indoor and outdoor environment is closely linked; children need to be in close contact with nature, water, earth, weather and living things.

Everyone sharing this space must respect each other and each other's needs.