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Meet our school team

Picture 1 Mrs Colette Bentley, Headteacher
Come and meet the staff at our school!

Our Administration team

Our Administration team 1 Mrs Vivienne Clague, Admin Manager
Our Administration team 2 Mrs Joanne Jones, Admin Assistant

Class One

Class One 1 Miss Moira Kelly, Senior Teacher & SENDCO
Class One 2 Mrs Beverley Moran, Senior LSO
Class One 3 Mrs Claire Haymes, SLC Lead
Class One 4 Miss Jess Tinsley, LSO
Class One 5 Mrs Lesley Addley, LSO
Class One 6 Mrs Marianna Ezechukwu, LSA

Class Two

Class Two 1 Mr Craig Bolton, Senior Teacher & Curriculum Lead
Class Two 2 Mrs Joan Buckland, Senior LSO
Class Two 3 Mrs Claire Haymes, SLC Lead
Class Two 4 Miss Annette Nolan, LSO
Class Two 5 Miss Dulcie Faram, LSA

The Little House

The Little House 1 Miss Lynne Higginson, Little House Manager
The Little House 2 Miss Colette Byrne, Deputy Little House Manager
The Little House 3 Mrs Lesley Addley, LSO
The Little House 4 Mrs Jenn Keeley, LSO
The Little House 5 Miss Jemma Horne, LSO
The Little House 6 Miss Jayne Griffiths, Lunchtime Supervisor
The Little House 7 Miss Anne Walsh, Lunchtime Supervisor

Our Caretaker

Our Caretaker 1 Mrs Sharon Evans, Caretaker