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Home Learning for Children

7th January 2021


Dear Parents and Carers


Home Learning during the national lockdown:


I am writing to inform you about our school’s approach to Home Learning for those children who are not attending school during the current national lockdown.


In the early years, children have not yet developed levels of self-regulation and attention skills to be able to focus for extended periods of time on paper based activities such as worksheets so we have opted not to send those type of activities out to parents.  We know that our children need to learn playfully, developing their key skills and love of learning in practical contexts. Children also need to get outdoors when safe to do so, exploring mud, ice and water, as well developing their physical skills: running, hopping, balancing, climbing trees, skipping, kicking a ball, catching and rolling.


At home, extended opportunities for self-directed play still need to be the mainstay of children’s learning. Playing alongside your child, promoting and using language, introducing new words, using character voices, trying out ideas, sharing a book together and singing nursery rhymes will always be the best way to support your child’s development.


But we also understand that children, at times, need a focus to their learning and that as parents, it is helpful to have guidance about the sort of activities you and your child can complete together.  As a school, we want to support you all with this during the lockdown period.


With this in mind, as a staff team we are recommending http://www.eyfshome.com  as the platform for home learning. We have evaluated the range of resources available and believe the content provides the most appropriate learning activities for our children in a structured manner.  Each activity has an explanation for parents about the key learning linked to the activity so that you are aware of how this relates to the curriculum. By following these activities at home, we are confident that your child will be accessing all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum in an enjoyable way. Engaging in these type of activities regularly they will developing basic skills and promoting the Characteristics of Effective Learning (CEL) which are vitally important to how young children learn.  These activities will also promote children’s language development as you work together on the various tasks.  A daily story time is provided on http://www.eyfshome.com to foster children’s love of books.


You can access these resources on your phone, tablet or laptop by visiting http://www.eyfshome.com and clicking on the “Today’s Activity Button”.  You do not need to download any apps.  We will also share the link to each day’s learning on our Twitter feed and would urge you to follow us at @eprnschool to be able to receive these daily reminders each morning.


Each day, new content is provided in the form of a daily routine/timetable.  You do not have to follow the timings of these activities.  They can be done at any time during the day.  You do not need to complete every activity every day.  You will be guided by your child’s level of interest and the time constraints of your current routine at home.


We would also encourage you to continue to access the weekly EasyPeasy activities you have signed up for through school and plan to share a story book with your child daily.

We understand that some families will not have access to a device in the home in order to access some of these online activities.  We have a limited number of i-pads that we can loan out to families for use at home.  Please contact your child’s class teacher to enquire about how to collect one of the school iPads if this is something that you require (email addresses below).


If you require any other resources such as story books and/or craft making material (glue sticks/card and paper/pencils please contact your class teacher and we will organise packs for you to use at home.


We hope that you find the activities at http://www.eyfshome.com accessible, but if you require any further support, please contact your child’s class teacher on the email below:


Miss Kelly Class 1:           moirak@eastprescotroadnursery.co.uk 


Mr. Bolton Class 2:         craigb@eastprescotroadnursery.co.uk


Miss Higginson Class 3:  lynneh@eastprescotroadnursery.co.uk


Please do remember to tweet photographs of your child’s home learning so that staff in school can keep in touch with you and see the wonderful learning that is taking place.


If you need to speak to me about anything at all regarding your child and/or family please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone on 0151 228 4672 or email:  ht@eastprescotroadnursery.co.uk


We thank you for your support at this time and will keep you up to date with school information on an ongoing basis in the meantime keep safe and well.


Best wishes,



Colette Bentley Headteacher