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School uniform and shoes/wellies

Our school uniform for both girls and boys comprises a green school fleece and jogging bottoms (displaying the school logo) and a white polo shirt (logo optional) these make a big difference to your child’s independence (eg. going to the toilet, hand washing), are comfortable, and enable them to explore every experience we provide for their learning (eg. creative activities, outdoor play).


We ask that all children wear footwear they can put on independently such as pumps or shoes with Velcro fastenings. Children will often change into wellies for outdoor play and on Friday outdoor days will wear wellies for the whole session.


Outdoor play is part of our daily provision and thus the introduction of the fleece jacket as part of our school uniform is to complement our waterproof clothing. We provide the over clothing waterproofs for outdoor inclement weather and water play but request that parents provide wellies that are labelled with the child’s name and left in school.


Our school uniform fleece jacket and jogging bottoms can be can be purchased from:

School Wear by Lisa                                                     West Derby School Wear

275 East Prescot Road                   and/or                   239 - 241 Eaton Road

Liverpool  L14 2DB                                                          Liverpool  L12 2AG

0151- 259 8277                                                                0151-228 7896


Please ensure ALL items of school uniform and your child’s clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s full name, we cannot be responsible for retrieving items if they are not labelled.

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