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British Values

Promoting British Values


We believe children, families, staff and governors are a part of our learning community. Learning is a life-long process that happens through interactions with each other and the environment.



  • We respect the diversity of children in the nursery school and value the vibrancy this brings to our community.
  • We recognise that this diversity brings with it different learning styles, beliefs, and values. We listen to children as the basis for offering meaningful experiences which allow children to explore their theories and engage with each other's ideas.
  • In these experiences, we strive to meet each child's learning style. We focus on experiences that build relationships, children's sense of belonging, and promote critical thinking.
  • We provide children with opportunities to revisit their ideas allowing them to gain different perspectives, identify gaps in their existing theories, and create new knowledge.
  • We embark on longer term investigations in response to ideas children, staff and families are exploring. We collaboratively reflect on this process in order to deepen our learning as a community.
  • We see all of these processes as essential to the development of children’s value systems and the cultivation of social moral spiritual and cultural learning.


See also Accessibility Plan and the Single Equality Policy