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Visions and Values

Our Mission Statement:


                 "Roots to Grow              
                                Wings to Fly"


At East Prescot Road Nursery School our vision for early years education is based on the following principles:

We believe children learn best when they work with:

  • Supportive adults
  • Adults who follow the child's interests
  • Adults who provide interesting, motivating and challenging experiences for them
  • Adults and routines that encourage independence


We believe that as a school we strive to provide a range of:

  • Strategies that support families to understand how young children learn best and their vital role in it
  • Environments which reflect the life of the child and where they can make genuine choices with open-ended materials
  • Opportunities for children to be challenged as well as to consolidate ideas and refine skills
  • Experiences that are meaningful and motivating for our children
  • Opportunities for children to develop positive relationships with others
  • Occasions to reflect on, share and celebrate the children’s learning achievements through documentation, display and community events  

As an early years team we work together to ensure that we all have:

  • High expectations of all of our children
  • A sound knowledge of child development and how children learn
  • A consistent approach to teaching and learning


We believe that through working together as a school community:

  • We create opportunities for children, families, staff and governors to reflect and refine their knowledge
  • Our practice and provision will continue to be personalised to meet the needs of each child and family as well as the school


Together may we give our children the                 
           Roots to Grow and the Wings to Fly 



All children have the right to a happy childhood in an environment that inspires them to play, explore and communicate.

We want our children to be highly motivated learners who respond positively to challenges with perseverance, determination and resilience.

We aim for our children to be confident and independent, to believe in themselves and interact positively with each other.

Our children will learn to communicate well by expressing their own thoughts and ideas and listening to the thoughts and opinions of others.

Our school environment is adaptable to reflect the children's interests and progression.

The organisation of the environment, both indoors and outdoors, will always reflect our school's values and contribute to the learning experience.

Children will have the opportunity to create their own environments and feel pride in their achievements.

Resources are organised in such as way as to promote independent learning.

It is important that the indoor and outdoor environment is closely linked; children need to be in close contact with nature, water, earth, weather and living things.

Everyone sharing this space must respect each other and each other's needs.