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Parents say

100% of our parents surveyed in June 2014 agree and strongly agree that: 


"East Prescot Road Nursery School is a safe environment in which to play and learn"

"My daughter loves going to school, she skips in every morning. Even though she is very shy and not as confident as her older sister at this age, she has never felt worried about going in. I know she is in great hands. We love East Prescot Road ... it's really amazing!"


"We have been very pleased with our son's development over the past two years and have been grateful for the two years that he has had. We have been very supported in regards to his development and especially the way the team have managed his energy and challenging behaviour. East Prescot Road is a fun, safe and encouraging place."


"We love her attending. Nursery is really developing her to be ready for school. The teachers in her school are fantastic and their feedback is valued and helps us understand the early years curriculum. We also love our weekly newsletter." 


"My son was loud and excitable when he first started nursery, it is a credit to all the team at East Prescot Road Nursery that he has calmed down and is able to listen and learn. I would like to thank everyone at Little House for how much they have helped him. He would cry every Thursday morning when he saw his lunch bag packed but now he asks if he can go to Little House everyday."


"It is extremely comforting to know that our son is doing so well in Nursery. He doesn't like to speak about his time their too much but what he does share reveals how happy he is. We particularly enjoy hearing about the many visitors that come in to enhance his learning. His confidence and social skills are quickly improving and we are under no doubt that Nursery, Little House and its staff have all played a big part in this."


Taken from Parents Questionnaire June 2014 and parents comments from our end of year reports July 2014

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